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Welcome to Platform Tennis, your new home for all your platform tennis needs, providing information on all aspects of this great game. Whether you love the sport for the competition and excitement, the exercise you get, or the chance to have fun with friends or make new ones. No matter your reasons for wanting to know more about platform tennis, we have everything you need. Platform Tennis was designed to provide you with information on every part of this fun game. Below are some of the subjects we cover:

Platform Tennis Rules

rules of platform tennis

Learn the rules of platform tennis

Platform tennis is a combination of tennis and squash, but has its own unique set of rules that set it apart from both of them.  If you are new and just learning about platform tennis, then the best place to start is with the rules, understanding the rules of singles and double play, serving and scoring.

Our platform tennis rules section is easy to follow and covers all of the fundamentals of this all weather game. Here we explain the regulations for the court layout, its size and height, the rules for serving and scoring and which paddles, balls and equipment is acceptable.

Although platform tennis may have started as a game made up out of necessity (take a look at our history of platform tennis post), over the last 90+ years it has grown to a point where there is now an American Platform Tennis Association which promotes the game across the USA and has helped to standardise the game.

Having APTA regulating the sport ensures that it will continue to grow in popularity and remain true to its origins as a game for all ages and physical abilities.

Platform Tennis Strategy

platform tennis strategies

Master the strategies in platform tennis

Platform tennis is a great sport to meet new friends and socialise with old ones, it is lots of fun to play, but whilst it is fun, you are still going to want to win when you step on to the court.

Regardless of if you are playing in competition locally or nationally, or you are playing a game against friends, that desire to win will drive you to learn platform tennis strategies, which will take your game to the next level and help you enjoy it more.

The rules are not difficult to pickup, especially if you have played or follow tennis previously, but it is the tricks and strategies that you use which will take your game to the next level.

Knowing when to lob, dink and slice will elevate your play above your opponents, and being able to place your serves consistently will increase your point win ratio.

Our platform tennis strategy section will help you get to grips with all of these techniques and much much more.

Platform Tennis Equipment

platform tennis equipment

Get the equipment for platform tennis

A really good feature of platform tennis, is that it does not need a huge amount of very expensive equipment to play and enjoy. All you really need is a net, ball and paddle for a quick game on a dedicated or impromptu court.  Of course, you will likely need some shoes for platform tennis and it is always handy to have a platform tennis equipment bag and a decent technical platform tennis shirt can make your time on court more pleasurable.

Paddles can be found relatively cheaply but as you progress, your skill grows and you become more serious, you will likely want more equipment to compliment your skills. With that in mind, you will find that not all paddles are created equal, there are paddles which will give you a big advantage over other players, especially when it comes to spin, placement and control.

The platform tennis equipment section walks you through the various pieces of equipment that you will need to play and enjoy the game, or if you are looking to get a complete platform tennis equipment set, you can read our dedicated article to find a set which gets you kitted out and ready to play.

Platform Tennis Reviews

platform tennis equipment reviews

Read reviews of the latest equipment

With new models hitting the market all the time and lots of different styles and brands available, it can feel a little overwhelming as you try to find the perfect platform tennis paddle to buy. Not all platform tennis paddles are approved for APTA sanctioned competitions, and others are good for beginners, but a more experienced player will be looking for a platform tennis paddle for spin or great control.

In our platform tennis review section, we outline which gear will help improve your game and which are simply lame.

Platform tennis is not just about paddles, we also review the best platform tennis nets, balls, and sets, so you do not have to be restricted to a local court, with a portable platform tennis set, you can play anywhere you can mark out a court with chalk or tape.

Personally, we love platform tennis and find it a great sport to play in the colder months and over winter, and we hope that we can impart some of our knowledge to you, so you too can get to love this great sport and have fun with your family and maybe make some new friends.