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What are the best platform tennis paddles for spin and power shots?

A winter sport, primarily played in the Northeast, from Maine to Virginia, and in the Midwest from Ohio to Montana and Canada. It is reported to have been started in Scarsdale, New York by James Cogswell and Fessenden Blanchard, who loved tennis and decided to build an outdoor, recreational, all purpose deck above the snow line. Thus, in 1928, Platform Tennis was born.

Just as with Tennis and other racket sports, mastering ball techniques can be a little tricky, takes patience and lots of practice.  But the benefits of mastering ball spin far outweigh the effort it takes to learn.  Improving your chances of winning points and games as your opponent finds it hard to anticipate your next shot.

Once mastered, you will be able to take your game to the next level, competing against more advanced players in faster games.  Having a Platform Tennis paddle designed to maximize ball spin is crucial to making the most of your skills.

But which of the many Platform Tennis rackets should you buy?  Which of the many choices will help improve your ball spinning skills?  With so many paddles from numerous manufacturers to choose from, how do you know which is the right choice?

Best Platform Tennis Paddles for Spin

To take the guess work out of your decision, we have reviewed the best Platform Tennis paddles which are specifically designed for spin.  So sit back and find a new perfect paddle to improve your game.

1. Wilson 2016 Steam Pro

2. Wilson Juice

3. Viking Triple Threat Pro Ultra

4. Viking OZ

5. Viking 2017 OZ

6. GRANDCOW Pro Carbon Fiber Power Lightweight

Platform Tennis Paddle Racket Pro Carbon Fiber Power Lightweight Paddles Padel Racquet (Black-Green)
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Choosing a Platform Tennis Paddle

Do you need a little more help deciding which platform tennis paddle is right for you?  The below guide shows you the differences between paddles and what you need to know before making any purchase.

The Game:
Doubles. Best of three sets. Same scoring as tennis, but only one serve is allowed instead of two. All let cords are played, the ball can be played off of the wires on the fly after first bouncing inside the court.

The Court:
44′ x 20′. The net is 34″ high and the court is surrounded by a 12 foot high hexagonal galvanized fence.

The Ball:
A yellow, flocked ball.

The Paddle:
Graphite and Titanium paddles have quickly become the standard for both recreational and competitive players. These paddles feature a single piece molded design, which has the benefit of transferring the shock of hitting the ball from the shoulder and elbow to the head of the paddle.

Choosing a racquet is one of the most fundamentally important parts of your tennis game. Whether you are a beginner or becoming a master at this noble game, it is of vital importance to your skill and your health that you have the right equipment for the game.  The importance of a good racquet is just as great as getting a good pair of tennis shoes.  As such, the choosing of a tennis racquet should be a task undertaken armed with as much information as possible.

Choosing a paddle can be a very difficult endeavour without the proper information at hand. Simply walking into a store and picking up the paddle you think has the prettiest colour scheme is a surefire recipe for tennis elbow. When choosing a platform tennis paddle there are many different variables to be considered such as your own personal skill level and playing style.

What Makes Platform Tennis Paddles Different

As you choose from the huge selection of paddles, think about each of the following five paddle design aspects and your playing style.

Paddle Density

Do you like to play with a lot of spin, try to control the ball with deft drop shots?  Do you power through your shots?  Or are you the type of player who likes to play with power and spin?  Whatever type of player you are, the density of your paddle needs to be considered so it compliments your playing style.

High Density Paddles

If you are an experienced player and want the extra hitting power, then a high density paddle is a good choice.

Low Density Paddles

If your game is more about control, spin and manoeuvring your opponent around the court, then a low density paddle is what you are looking for.


The next important consideration when choosing a paddle is the weight and its corresponding center of gravity.

Most professionals in the game will agree on this one point, a paddle should be heavy but light in the head. What is meant by this is that a racquet should be heavier toward the handle than toward the head.

This is the best way for a paddle to be set up for both power and injury. A light racquet or even a head heavy light racquet will encourage injuries such as tennis elbow which can be painful and debilitating. So when choosing a platform tennis racquet always go for the one with the centre of gravity based toward the handle, as this will be best for you and your game.

Paddle Head Size – Large vs Small

platform tennis racket head sizeThere are three basic categories for racquet head size, being oversize, midsize and standard or small size.

Large Head

So the first we will consider is the oversized racquet head. This head size is best suited for beginner players as the large head size offers a corresponding large sweet spot.

This makes it easier to pull off good shots as you will encounter miss hits and frame hits less often. So a beginner should always consider the oversize racquet head when choosing a platform tennis paddle.

However, the bigger the paddle, the heavier it is to play with and the slower you are likely to be to react to snap shots.  For this reason, this type of paddle is recommended for beginners and not experienced or professional players.

Midsize Head

Midsize paddle heads are used by anyone from intermediate to advanced levels of play. An intermediate player would probably go for a large midsized head when choosing a paddle as it caters to both a larger sweet spot on the face and a more easily manuovered racket head.

Small Head

The smaller midsized heads are usually used by the more advanced players as they generate their own power and are looking for the most easily manipulated head.

A standard or small head size allows players to react to snap shots faster, as the paddle is lighter and easier to manoeuvre.  The problem with the smaller head is that you have a small sweet spot, so you need to be super precise in your shots if you are playing with spin.


So we move onto length, which is a very important consideration when choosing a platform tennis paddle. A long paddle will give you more power and also more reach, but will add weight and therefore you will lose some control.

Therefore a beginner should always be using a standard 18 inch paddle while a more advanced player could try longer lengths till they found the most comfortable for them.


We all wish that cost would not be a consideration and that we could simply buy whatever is best for our game, but in reality we need to factor this in when choosing a paddle.  After all, is a paddle that costs $200 or more really worth it, or would a $100 racquet do just as well?

Cheap Platform Tennis Paddles

You can buy a platform tennis paddle for roughly $50 if you shop around.  These paddles are great for folk who want to get in to the sport or who are budget minded.  The only problem with the cheaper paddles is that they have a small head, which means they are actually better suited to experienced players, which is a bit counterintuitive.

Premium Platform Tennis Paddles

More expensive platform tennis paddles can cost as much as $200, but if you are an experienced club or professional, you are going to want the best and will not mind paying a little extra.  One of the other benefits of the big brand paddles is build quality, and these paddles tend to last for several years, which when you think of it, is excellent value.


So there you have it, the basics of choosing a platform tennis paddle. There are other important points to be considered when choosing a racquet and they will be covered in other articles made available on this website. We hope this information comes in useful and that you get the best racquet for your game and ability.