Platform Tennis Equipment

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Platform tennis, the unique hybrid sport including the things of the basic tennis games, squash, and paddle tennis, is sported on a smaller court than the regular tennis games. The pace of this game is slower compared to squash, and it doesn’t require you to play your soul off (not an all-out exertion). While it’s less strangling in comparison with other racquet-centered sports, it yet is an amazing way to stay fit as it’s a mix of upper + lower body workout and cardio moves.

Almost anybody can chime into this game since the pace of this game is suitable for all the individual tennis players. If you’re interested in tennis, but find it too tiring, then platform tennis can be just the thing for you. This game is sported on an enclosed court, making it a great fit for newcomers because the court sides make the ball stay longer in play. And since this is played on a smaller court, it means you’ll have to run less when trying to get to the ball. Platform tennis is an amazing way to unite people of all skills and ages in one game.

In 1920, when 2 gentlemen in NY were trying to find a game they could play the whole year, the game Platform tennis came to be. This game follows the regular tennis in terms of the court layout, just enclosed, with sides like squash, and paddle tennis equipment, making it an excellent sport overall.

While tennis players love the game for a plethora of reasons, the best one amongst them is the one you can play year-round, even in cold times, owing to the elevated, and oftentimes heated platform that makes it a breeze to remove ice and snow.

Unlike the majority of the racquet games, in platform tennis, we usually use paddles, and not the regular racquets with strings. When you’re picking a paddle for yourself, you’ll find them made of composite materials, alongside holes made through its head; which helps when it comes to aerodynamics and keeps your paddle weight to a minimum. One more thing that makes this game stand out is that the balls used here are spongy and come with a flocking layer, and not a felt one. Make sure to use the equipment of this game to squeeze the most out of this game. It’s also suggested that you try a set of tennis shoes for support and traction on your court.

We’ve got the platform tennis equipment you need to ramp up your playing experience. Be it paddles to shoes, gloves to paddle accessories, we’ve got it all.

  • A heavier racquet would be more lasting, but hard to move
  • A better-density paddle usually offers more stroke power because of the quick trajectory of the ball of your paddle face and the mass of your paddle
  • Paddles with high density are usually the first choice of players with well-versed hands on the ball and who want power from their paddle
  • While a paddle with lower density gives you more control, it offers you less power because of it absorbs the energy of the ball when the impact takes place. The lower density paddles are generally lightweight and are easy to move. Making it preferred for the people looking for paddles that can be swung easily, or people who are not very experienced and aren’t really concerned about the stroking power and more focused on the placement of their ball.