Teaching kids how to play and enjoy platform tennis can be a challenge.  Trying to keep their attention, making it fun, and most importantly, getting them to want to come back for more can be a challenge. But with a bit of planning it can be easy, and enjoyable as a coach.

Below are tips to help you make your coaching sessions a success, and enjoyable for both your students and you.

Tip 1 – Success equals Confidence equals Fun!

Platform tennis is in the recreation business and coaches are fighting to attract young athletes to the sport so that grass roots programs flourish and we produce players at the elite level. Be constantly positive; play fun games which all players can succeed; create an atmosphere at your club that parents and children can enjoy. Do your best to keep children in tennis for life.

Tip 2 – Use modified platform tennis equipment

junior platform tennis paddleThis relates to tip number one because by using lower nets, softer tennis balls, lighter tennis paddles and fun equipment we can help our students succeed and therefore enjoy platform tennis.

Tip 3 – Use cones to position players

Use cones or spots to position students for games and activities. This will give them a reference point and prevent them from wondering off.

Tip 4 – Refer to the names of lines and areas of the court

Use the names of lines and parts of the court when giving directions. This will provide a “full” platform tennis education and help when playing matches later on.

Tip 5 – Demonstrate before you explain the drill

Young children are fantastic learners. They learn best from observing and copying; as well as experimenting and feeling how something works. In your platform tennis lessons give the players lots of visual coaching and have them shadow swing so they can feel the correct stroke. This will be far more effective than explaining to a child with a very short attention span who may not fully understand the meaning of your words.

Tip 6 – Don’t get too technical!

platform tennis juniorsThis relates to tip number five of tips coaching tennis. Technical instruction is wasted on young children but they do understand simple distinctions. For instance using higher or lower; softer or harder; to the left or right are effective words to guide a young player. This is one reason why the use of targets and cones can be a very valuable coaching tool.

Tip 7 – Use targets for students to aim at

The reason for using targets is to compel the players to use control over power. Many young players will associate success with how fast and far they can hit the ball. Studies have shown that in sports that require both speed and precision (like platform tennis) it is far better to learn slow, controlled moves and then make them faster; than learn fast uncontrolled moves and them slow them down. By hitting accurate controlled shots our players will become better at rallying (which should be foremost goal of any program.)

Tip 8 – Don’t take private lessons too early

While some parents will expect us to dress up in a clown suit and entertain a 4 or 5 year old in a private lesson it is inappropriate at this age. The children at this age enjoy the excitement of playing with their friends and social interaction – the coach will soon become weary and lose passion for their job.

Tip 9 – Progress the program

Keep giving the students a reason to come back to the game. Progress from a mini court to full court; a mini paddle to a graduate paddle; low compression balls to championship balls; a 30 minute lesson to a 45 minute lesson.

Keep challenging the students or they will feel they are not improving and find another sports which offers a pathway.

Tip 10 – Let them play the game

As coaches we are trying to teach players the game of platform tennis. Once the fundamentals have been taught modified game play should become an emphasis. While at a young age hitting the ball over the net seems miraculous, and returning an impossible dream; let the students experiment with a modified rally. The coach can help or make special rules so it remains enjoyable and the students can experience some success.